Address corrections

Delivery management

We take care of all the details


Once we’ve ensured that your campaign will reach the most appropriate targeted audience, we go a step further to secure the successful delivery of your campaign. From advising you on a mailing schedule that fits with your desired campaign timeline to formatting customer information the way USPS prefers to see it on each mailing piece, we take care of all of the details.

Nobody likes bounce backs… whether e-mails or physical mailers.

Our standard Database Management process includes taking your data through Delivery Point Validation. We know it sounds technical, and it is. This validation process ensures that by the time we are ready to deliver, all of your addresses within your database are officially approved by the USPS for accurate delivery.

More than 40 Million people move in the United States each year.

PDS Direct Marketing employs proprietary methods when making Change of address, Proprietary change of address and Locatable address corrections. Without technically geeking out on an explanation… simply put, we use a system that allows us to convert, track and confirm change of address information.

Speaking of mailing options…

Whether your goal is to communicate with businesses or consumers through the use of postcards, letters, periodicals or catalogues, PDS Direct Marketing will help you determine the best mailing options for your particular needs.

We also specialize in communicating with and mailing to non-profit audiences.

PDS understands the unique mailing needs of non profits. Not only will we make sure that your data reflects the correct gifting strings, we will help you establish the most appropriate call-to-action options for maximizing gifting and fundraising efforts.

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