It’s not just data

It’s your view of your customers

Welcome to insight

Data Management

Don’t think Data is the key component of your promotional campaign? Try using a well designed promotional ad to sell a car to a squirrel! Through our Data Analysis services, we help you determine and target the best prospects, in order to increase the results of your campaign.

At PDS Direct Marketing we understand that our client’s needs vary, and offer a unique approach based on those needs. We understand that no matter the campaign or promotion, your goal is to find and understand the type of people interested in your products. When we analyze your data, we consider demographic, geographic, firmographic, and lifestyle information.

But that’s just the beginning

In addition to appending and enhancing your data, we will maintain your database for you.

While our Data Services are tailored to fit each clients’ unique needs, we run all data through a proprietary Data Hygiene Process to include Merge Purge for Consumer and B2B audiences, as well as processing programming standards. We’ll also determine if your data needs a more detailed hygiene process. From Data Entry, Data Processing or Database Programming of existing or newly acquired information, we’ll ensure that you always have the best possible data.

Compliance Assistance

Your organization’s information is important and PDS Direct Marketing understands that. As an authorized vendor, we have been entrusted with proprietary customer information of more than 45 global brands. By employing a unique data coding process, we assist clients with maintaining compliance standards.